A free booth was offered by FILTECH 2018

1) A free booth was offered by FILTECH 2018 held in Cologne, Germany. KFS Booth was set up by Professor Suk-Ho Kang and KFS Chair Kyung-Ju Choi who was a Keynote Speaker and a Session Chair at FILTECH 2018 in Cologne, Germany, March 13 – 15, 2018. KFS Chair, Kyung-Ju Choi has been a scientific committee member of FILTECH. Booth Number: U16, Name: Korean Filtration and Separation Society, Description: Korean Filtration and Separation Society (KFS) is an association promoting the education and training of scientists, engineers, and industry individuals on filtration and separation technologies. KFS was founded in 2017 to fulfill theneed in Korea for a professional society advancing the development of novel filtration and separation technologies and creating a forum for the collaboration of international experts from academia, industry, and government agencies.

Fiber Society Conference Participation

2) KFS Chair and Vice Chair participated in The Fiber Society’s Spring 2018 Conference at Tower Hall Funabori, Tokyo, Japan, June 12- 14, 2018. Dr. Kyung-Ju Choi presented a paper along with promoting KFS activities as KFS Chair, and Vice Chair Jong-Kil Kim attended.


Dr. Kyung-Ju Choi has enthusiastically pursued of the support of the International Delegates of Filtration (INDEFI) in order to host 14th World Filtration Congress (WFG) in South Korea in 2024. Dr. K-J Choi, Dr. H-S Park, Prof. S-H Kang and Prof. Kwang-Ho Choo met at Kyungpook National University on May 21, 2016 and discussed about a possible organization that could handle the proposal. Drs. Kyung-Ju Choi and Jong-Kil Kim met on June 12, 2017 in Seoul and decided to organize the Korean Filtration and Separation Society due to critical needs of filtration and separation in Korea. The organizing committee was formed on September 4, 2017. They are Dr. Kim, Jong-Kil (Hanyang University), Dr. Park, Hyun-Seol (Korea Institute of Energy Research), Dr. Park, Young-Ok (Korea Institute of Energy Research), Prof. Kim, Jong-Ho (Chonnam National University), Dr. Kim, Jang-Kyu (BKT), Prof. Kang, Suk-Ho (Yeungnam University) and Dr. Choi, Kyung-Ju (Clean & Science) as an acting chair. Dr. Kyung-Ju Choi was elected as Chairman of KFS at the general meeting on November 15, 2017


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